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Name:Anthony Edward Stark
Birthdate:May 29, 1993
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America

Tony Stark was born on May 29th, 1993, making him currently 19 years of age. He graduated summa cum laude from MIT two summers prior, and since then he's basically been fucking around, much so his parents dismay. There have been multiple threats of him losing his inheritance, to being cut off, to losing his trust fund, but nothing has ever come of the threats, so he keeps doing what he wants. For the most part, at least. Occasionally he'll listen to his mother. Like a boss.

marvel wikia
(babby!Tony Stark. Well. Babby as in he's still 19 and his parents aren't dead yet. So he's even more reckless than in his ~old age~ and partying hard and whatnot. That kind of thing. A pleasant mix of comic canon and movie canon, leading up towards being MCU!Stark, however, ages are ~fluid~ between the two, and the movies really, so 8) Shhh just come.

Mun & Muse over the age of consent. Deal with it)
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